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Mini Digital Alarm Clock

LED Display Clock with 24 Hours/12 Hours: The digital alarm clock LED display, makes it easy to read, you can see the time even at a long distance or in a dim environment. The white numbers on the digital clock are very clear and easy to see. Time display support both 12hrs and 24 hrs format, adjust at any time according to your preferences.
Convenient and Easy to Use: Alarm clock with convenient buttons for easy setting of the time or alarm. It is perfect for kids, adults, and the elderly.
One-Click Brightness Adjustment: You may need it brighter during the day for clear viewing and dark enough at night not to disturb your sleep,5 levels of screen brightness can be adjusted, and brightness can be adjusted at will with one key to meet the use of different environments.

Product Description

Small and Easy to Read: Super Mini Alarm Clock, the fuselage adopts a flexible curved surface design, the simple and elegant design allows the clock to be better recognized and the mirror surface is clear. The alarm clock with backlight and luminous can read the time clearly whether it is day or night.

Snooze and Weekend Mod: Dual alarm clock design, you can set 2 sets of alarm clocks at the same time, working alarm clock mode and rest time mode, the clock has convenient buttons and 2 sets of alarm clocks can be switched at will, the operation is simple and convenient.

Bright Adjustment: The screen has 5 levels of brightness that can be adjusted. Press the button to freely adjust the brightness of the LED screen. The operation is simple and can be used in different environments.

Convenient and Durable: The clock uses the USB interface to charge and can be used for up to 30 days when fully charged. It is compact and convenient, and it can be carried with you even when you travel, it is very convenient and practical. The product needs to be charged to activate, and it should be charged for 4 hours before the first use.

Energy Saving Mode: After turning on the energy saving mode, the screen turns off to save power, always on when plugged in, and unplugged, you can turn on the time display by touching the scroll wheel, button, etc.

size: 82 x 35 x 52mm


Battery Specifications:3.7v/1000mAh.

Charging Input Port: 5v/5000mAh.


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