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Motion Sensor Night Light

Adjustable brightness
HIGH brightness, natural white light, LOW brightness, soft warm light, adjust the brightness according to different needs and scenes.
Intelligent human body sensing
3 lighting modes - ON keeps lighting, OFF keeps off, and AUTO switches to auto-sensing lighting mode.
Recharged via connecting USB cable, a 2-hour charge can last up to 15 hours in low brightness or 10 hours in high brightness.

Product Description

【Intelligent LED Human Body Induction Night Light】sensitive motion infrared sensor, the sensing range is the 120°fan area unfolded in the center of the night light sensor, the distance is 3 meters, it will automatically turn off after people leave or stop moving for 20 seconds (土 5 seconds), the induction effect is related to the ambient temperature, human body size, and moving speed

【3 Lighting Modes and 2 Adjustable Brightness:】ON keeps lighting, lights are always on, OFF keeps off, lights are off, AUTO switches to automatic induction lighting mode, LOW is (20%) low brightness, HIGH is (brightest) high brightness, select the appropriate mode and brightness in different environments and usage scenarios to provide you with the best experience

【Rechargeable】built-in rechargeable battery, wireless use, no need to buy and replace non-recyclable batteries frequently. It takes about 3-5 hours to fully charge, and it can be recharged for use to prolong the service life.

【Move Easily】 Can stand on any flat, or stick it to any place you need with magnetic stickers. The kitten night light is small and clear, easy to carry in the hotel when you go out and travel outdoors's

【Usage Scenarios】 it can be placed in any corner of the room, such as the bedroom bedside table, dormitory, stairs, corridor, bathroom, closet, wardrobe, nursery, hotel, etc. It can also be given as a gift at different festivals, such as Christmas, Children's Day, Mother's Day, etc.

Product model: K612

Product size: 93*93mm

Bare metal/package weight: 79.5G/116G

Shell material: ABS/PS

Battery capacity: 800mAh (up to 1200mAh optional)

PCB material: FR_4

Charging current: 500mA

Rated voltage: DC 5V Induction range: 120 degrees large angle

Standby current: less than 60µA

Shutdown standby: 1 year

Sensor: human body infrared sensor (Senba), light sensor

Lighting form: LED (2835)*11 (0.2W)

Luminous flux: (lm)

Light source life: >10000 hours

Color temperature: warm white 3000K, optional

LED power consumption: high brightness; low brightness

Working environment: 0-40°C

Sensing distance: 0-3 meters

Delay time: 20 seconds (delayed by the last received human induction signal for 20 seconds)

Protection class: IP50 


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