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Handheld mini light therapy lamp

Special innovative ultraviolet light, with the convex lens to achieve 5 times the magnification of the spotlight angle, is effective and uniform so that each side of the edge can be completely cured to avoid nail accessories running and shifting.
Special "1" handheld practical design
Rechargeable LED nail light with built-in 180mAh battery and USB charging port. When fully charged, it supports up to 40 minutes of continuous operation and has high endurance.

Product Description

【Pen Shape Design Mini Nail Light】The Handheld UV Light for Nails adopts a one-shaped lamp body design, which is more friendly to long nails. It can cure evenly on long and short nails and quickly cure nail polish glue. The appearance of the mini nail light is made of soft glue spray paint, and the velvet feel makes your manicure process more comfortable, easier, and more convenient, and you can enjoy a better manicure experience.

【Lightweight and Portable Mini Nail Light】This mini led nail lamp is small and light, with a minimalist design of 4.3*0.6*0.6 inches, it can be carried anywhere, whether you are on a business trip or traveling, you can easily put it in your backpack without any pressure, and enjoy manicure anytime, anywhere, Bring you a different manicure experience.

【Quick-drying Mini Nail Lamp】The Handheld gel nail lamp adopts an upgraded version of a 5 times hard-core convex lens, one lamp bead is equivalent to 5 ordinary lamp beads so that the nail polish glue dries faster; the drying speed is faster than ordinary LED, just need The color glue can be dried in 8 seconds, and the sealing layer can be dried in 12 seconds. The high-efficiency portable uv lamp for gel nails saves you more time and money.

【Handheld gel nail Lamp with Timing Function】Mini gel lamp with two timing functions, it can dry nails flexibly, they are 20s and 60s respectively, one press and one open is 20s timing, press and hold for 2 seconds to switch to 60s timing, you can adjust according to different nails Choose different curing time for oil gel, easier and more convenient manicure.

【Safe & Long-lasting UV Nail Light】Mini Nail Light uses a high-hard transparent protective cover to protect the lens, The power is 3 watts, and the 180mAh battery can last up to 40 minutes of battery life, which is durable and has no harm to the skin and eyes. The mini nail UV light has a Type-C interface, which is dual-purpose for charging and plugging, and has higher efficiency. And The portable UV lamp for gel nails can be connected to a computer, power supply, and mobile phone charger via a USB port.

Size: 109*17*17mm

Weight: 20g

Battery capacity: 180MAh

Power: 3w

Wavelength: 360+405nm

Input power: DC5V/0.5A

Input port: Type-c USB


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