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Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank Box

Sturdy case - protect your personal belongings! The Digital Money Box keeps your coins, bills, and small valuables protected in a safe place with a 6-digit code.
6-Digit Code - The opening of the digital safe is protected by a 6-digit code that can be changed at any time. Simply enter the code into the keypad on the door and turn the lock to access your savings.
Automatic counting - The money box counts the number of coins it contains. Each coin inserted is identified and counted electronically. The LCD screen shows the amount of money stored in the money box in real-time. Each time a coin is added, its quantity is accumulated with the previous coin, allowing you to count over a week or more. Coins are stored in the top compartment. When no coins are inserted, the display will show the time.
Double Compartment - The lower compartment of the child's safety can be used to store bills, watches, jewelry, etc. With its simple operation, you will enjoy using the electronic money box daily. The strongbox is only suitable for euro coins.

Product Description

High-quality materials: environmentally friendly ABS plastic; simulation design, odorless sturdy, not easy to break.

Password piggy bank: four electronic password protection, if you press the wrong password, it will be launched. Only when you enter the 4-digit password, it will open, the green light will come on, then you can turn the knob clockwise and open the door. (Default:0000, you can change the password according to your preference).

Large Capacity Money Saving Box: This money storage jar can store 600 coins or 100 bills. Let children plan to store pocket money, greatly help children to develop good money-saving habits.

Automatic bill rolling: insert the banknotes into the slot of the children's automatic fiduciary, which can automatically roll to the ATM. Convenient for children to use. (But if the paper is too old or too soft, it will not work).

The perfect gift: Kids will love receiving this cool money bank. It's fun and educational and teaches the importance of saving. This is great as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, New Year's gift, gift, reward, or any other holiday gift. (Recommended for children over 3 years old.)

Material: ABS plastic

Color: black/blue/red

Size: 5.1 x 4.7 x 7.5 inches

Weight: 660 g (23 oz)

Power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included in the scope of supply)



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