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    Time:2023-05-10 Views:1

    The quartz alarm clock can also be called "crystal vibration electronic meter" because it uses the "hair vibration phenomenon" of the chip. When the crystal receives an external force voltage, it will have the properties of deformation and telescopic. On the contrary, if the crystals are compressed, the ends of the crystal will generate electricity; this kind of nature can also be seen on many crystals, which is called "voltage electricity. Effect". The quartz watch is the crystal that uses cyclical continuous "hair vibrations" to bring us accurate time.

    First of all, if the chip in the quartz table is powered, the crystal will be vibrated correctly with the number of weeks of 32768 Hertz; and then the number of signal current weeks of the signal current of 1Hz (one -second change between the current) must be turned into 1Hz. Add the amplitude of some signals (the current generated due to vibration is weak), followed by some signal current to launch the rotor gear, the second hand on the table will be launched, and then the clockwise beating is related to the mechanical structure on the mechanical structure. The principle, such as: 60 times in the second hand, the closer will jump all the quartz watches with a battery. It provides energy for a integrated circuit and a quartz resonator, with 317,621 vibration per second. And faster than this. The integrated circuit is the "brain" of the table. It controls the vibration of quartz resonators and plays a role of frequency division. 32712 vibrations were divided into semi -semi -divided 15 times to achieve one pulse per second. With a second of "raw materials" at this time, the display can be driven. What is the simulation needle display in order to convert the pulse of the integrated circuit into movement, and there is a growth rate motor on the analog pointer quartz watch, including an electromagnetic rotor. Each time the pulse is affected, it rotates 180 degrees, which is one second.

    The rotor is connected to a drag system consisting of three gears, driving three pointers (hourly, branches, and seconds) to display the time on the dial. You can also add a display screen to display the week, date and the time of passing. In the quartz watch of the solid state, the quartz watch of the solid state is transmitted to the second hand part of the integrated circuit in one second. This part is responsible for organizing the liquid crystal display LCD line to form a number. This type is common in table objects. In the watchmaking industry, this is usually used to produce extremely cheap products. Asian manufacturers have monopolized this field. In a more refined watch style, the "solid state" has a lot of functions based on the size installed in the memory inside: such as phone number, appointment registration book, etc.


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