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    From the invention of the Chinese Water Transport instrument to the modern watch evolution of the atomic clocks developed by modern countries in modern countries, we can see:

    Scientists and watch craftsmen of various periods have been integrated into a tunnel of time with their smart wisdom and continuous practice. At the same time, it also outlines the trajectory of watch culture and scientific and technological development for us. Regarding the history of Chinese watch, it must be mentioned from more than 3,000 years ago. The earliest Chinese ancestors invented the two timers: "Tu Gui" and "Japanese rules" made by soil and stone. One of the countries. In the copper era, the timer has developed new development, and the bronze "leakage pot" replaces "Tu Gui" and "Japanese rules". In the fourth year of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Heng invented the world's first "water transportation image". Since then, the monk and his party and others have used this to improve the "water transportation" and "water transport meter". By the time of Yuanming, the timer got rid of the structural form of astronomical instruments and has been made in breakthroughs. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, Guo Shoujing and the early Ming Dynasty Zhan Xiyuan created the "Daming Lantern Direction" and "Five Round Anxapa", which adopted a mechanical structure and added a plate and needle to indicate time. See it accurate.

    At the end of the 19th century, the Chinese bell craftsmanship reached a brand new level. In 1875, Nanjing Bell, which was manufactured by the Shanghai "Merimin" workshop, has a screen style, gold -plated bell, engraved with patterns, and is famous for its simple and elegant shapes, clear ethnic style and crispy time, accurate walking time, and at home and abroad. Won a special award at the International Expo.

    China's modern machinery bell industry began in 1915. Li Dongshan, a national industrialist, invested in the first clock factory of the Chinese clock manufacturing industry in Yantai -Yantaibao Clock Factory. In 1918, the first batch of the first batch of clocks was launched in the market. In 1927, Yongkang Congzhong Company opened. By 1937, the Yantai watch industry had 6 companies and a considerable production scale. According to statistics in 1934, the three bells of Dedunxing, Yongkang, and Ciye have 1,416 employees, and have 149 production equipment imported from Germany, Britain, France and other countries. Essence The products are not only sold to major commercial ports in North China, East China, Northeast China, and South China, but also to more than ten countries and regions such as Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hawaii, etc.

    After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Chinese watch industry has developed rapidly and has achieved remarkable results. In 1955, the first batch of domestic watches were made by Tianjin and Shanghai. After more than 30 years of continuous technological transformation and technological improvement, the Chinese watch industry has formed an industrial system with considerable production capacity and supporting facilities. In 1988, the watch output reached more than 67 million, of which more than 29 million quartz electronic watches, and the output of watches ranked fourth in the world. In terms of varieties, a batch of production machinery men's watches, women's watches, calendars, dual calendars, automatic watches, automatic watches, pocket watches, second watches, digital and pointer quartz watches, etc. In terms of quality, the time accuracy of the watch has reached the level of similar international products, and the more famous ones are Dongfeng, Shanghai, gem flowers, seagulls and other brands. In terms of making clocks, it is mainly Fujian.


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